These 14 Trippy Posters Are Mind-bending Masterpieces

Lost Horizon psychedelic trippy poster

Trippy art that will extend your imagination. 

Feed Your Head

Alice in Wonderland psychedelic trippy poster feed your head

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This psychedelic art remix of a previous Alice in Wonderland illustration provides a different perspective on the fairy tale classic. The artist accentuated the green colors and other hues. With the light-colored phrase “Feed Your Head” floating above the smoking caterpillar, appearing as cloud lettering, we can only guess the illustrator’s intent.

Magic Valley

Magic Valley psychedelic trippy blacklight poster

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Bright moon, hazy purple sky and purple overlay, flying butterfly, dolphin poking out of a portal, mist surrounding a giant mushroom and fungi covering the entire left side of the artwork. Plus a giant elf relaxing underneath everything. This poster displays all the elements which are common finds in any trippy black light poster.

Fractal Explosion

Fractal explosion psychedelic trippy poster; purple, orange, yellow colors

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Stare at this poster long enough and you risk hypnotizing yourself! The never-ending, contiguous lines appear to move on their own accord in a pulsating pattern.


Resonance black and white psychedelic trippy poster by Chris Sheehan

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This mind-boggling wall art is a skillful blend of many elements. Besides a clever appearance of perspective, small details and various random objects spill into every space. The artist seamlessly fits all the figures together. It might take years to decipher the meaning of the artwork (if there is one), but in the meantime you can hang this excellent art find in your space.


Andromedia trippy psychedelic blacklight poster; fractal colors of red, blue, green and purple.

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A dazzling display of color mash-ups! The fractal shapes “run” in a circular pattern. If you observe the design for a while, you start to think you’re looking at a spinning image. Don’t worry—that’s the artwork performing its job.

Psychodelic Pulse

Psychodelic pulse psychedelic fractal trippy poster

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Another hypnotizer! The pulsating colors and shapes forces your mind to think you’re staring at art that breathes. Visitors will find this wall poster amusing when they see it for themselves.

Acquired Awareness

Acquired awareness psychedelic black and white trippy poster by Chris Sheehan

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A spaceship tearing through time and space? A small human figure powering the image? Reality representing the bottom half? Freedom of the mind portraying the top half? The variety of surreal elements in the artwork invites many interpretations.

Lost Horizon

Lost horizon psychedelic trippy blacklight poster

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There are no words to describe this poster art. Thick ink lines adorn the skyscape, splashing layers of color everywhere. Dark purple hues overlay most of the image. The art appears more impressive in a dark space as a black light poster.

Octopus Garden

Octopus impression shape Octopus Garden psychedelic trippy poster by Richard Biffle

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The positioning of towers and waterfalls in this image create the impression of a giant octopus. Below the figure is the form of a squid or manta-ray. A giant face hovers above the octopus and spreads out triangular butterflies from its ears.

Blacklight Creeper

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As if its euphoric fractal designs and offbeat color palette weren’t enough, this poster emanates a surreal glow when you surround it with darkness. Just sit back, relax and stare at the artwork.

Ying Yang

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Gaze at this poster long enough and the lines appear to pop-out of the poster. After a while, you realize that all things in the universe lead back to Ying & Yang. You’re always free to determine your own interpretation.

Living Planet

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Our planet isn’t just a circular ball of rock held up by gravity, floating in space and spinning around the Sun. It’s a giver of life and nourisher of souls. Extending its roots deep into our hearts.

VW California Camper “LOVE”

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Californians love camping in their pristine outdoors! It’s an opportunity to bond with nature and contemplate an individual’s role in the universe.


Mushroom Art

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What’s there to say about this poster art? Awesome colors, strong lines and psychedelic elements.


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Trippy art, previously known as psychedelic art, represent surrealist interpretations of reality. Elements that are commonly displayed include mushrooms, green and purple hues, shapes and recognizable figure impressions, butterflies, and characters from Alice in Wonderland. Hippies enjoyed the art form before it gained notoriety with mainstream audiences, when rock songs utilized the style as cover art for their albums. Purple black light posters, which was the most popular variation, fell out of favor but gained attention again in 2007 and has surged since then.