The Best Dorm Gifts for College Students

Gryffindor Crest Red Mug Dorm Gift Novelty

Are you searching for gifts that a college student can use to spruce their dorm? Or at least simplify their life on campus? Here’s a collection of merchandise that college folks will love and find useful. Use this shopping list to discover the perfect novelty gift.


Don’t buy a plain, boring wallet. Buy a unique-looking one that shows how much you pay attention. From classic fine art designs to the latest pop culture fad themes, you’ll find whatever they’re into. Browse Wallets >>

Tote Bags

Backpacks are so middle school and high school. A more helpful college gift would be a tote bag, or two, featuring a distinct design.They can carry books, groceries and other bulk items. Browse Tote Bags >>

Mugs and Drinkware

College students will consume lots of coffee! They’ll need mugs and coasters. Luckily for you there are plenty of fun varieties: music, TV shows, movies, humorous quotes and other wacky designs. Browse Mugs and Drinkware >>

BBQ Grill Sets

Finding a dorm gift for a chef or BBQ master? Check out our collection of novelty BBQ grillers, which includes tongs, brush, fork and a laser-etched spatula. Browse BBQ Grill Sets >>

Phone Cases

Everyone should have a phone case to protect their smartphone. However, college students won’t choose a boring cover—they’ll select a case featuring an attractive design. If you know the recipient’s interests and tastes, browse our collection of mobile phone cases and find the right one. Browse Mobile Phone Cases >>

Beach Towels

Beach days are apart of the college experience. A beach towel is necessary for chilling under the sun. Don’t choose a boring towel—give one featuring a unique design or image, such as movies, music, fine art, video games and more. Browse Beach Towels >>

More Novelty Gifts

Choose from among more fun gifts such as tin lunch boxes, journals, jewelry items, jigsaw puzzles and more. Browse Novelty Gifts >>