Posters of Popular College Travel Destinations for Spring Break

San Francisco College Culture Popular College Travel Destination map

Which popular college travel destinations are on students’ wishlists? Check out images of the most well-known destinations for college students who’ve caught wanderlust and want to view the world beyond their university campuses.


Canal image in Amsterdam, popular college travel destination

Canal in Amsterdam – Buy Photo Poster

Best known for beautiful ancient architecture, intricate systems of canal transportation and for the craziest mix of music genres at legendary parties. It’s Europe’s coolest city!

Panama City Beach

Greetings from Panama City Florida Art Print, popular college travel destination

Greetings – Buy Art Print

This popular Spring Break attraction is renown for beautiful white sand beaches, warm shorelines, astounding beach parties and occasional appearances on MTV shows.

San Juan

San Juan Puerto Rico travel art print, popular college travel destination

San Juan Puerto Rico – Buy Art Print

Deep blue waters, vast green forests and never-ending beaches make San Juan an infamous destination for eager college travelers during Spring Break and other times of the year.

Florence, Italy

Florence watercolor abstract art map poster, popular college travel destination

Florence Watercolor – Buy Poster

For culturally-aware college student tourists, this city represents an architectural gold mine. Famous buildings include Piazza Del Duomo, Palazzo Pitti and Uffizi Gallery.


Black and white eiffel tower paris photo poster, popular college travel destination

Eiffel Tower – Buy Photo Poster

The “city of love” often attracts young travelers who are leaving their own country for the first time. The Eiffel Tower represents one renown attraction—others include: The Louvre, The Panthéon, The Grand Palais and Notre Dame de Paris.


Temple Bar corner photo poster, popular college travel destination

Temple Bar (Dublin) – Buy Photo Poster

A down-to-earth city that includes brewery tours (the Guinness tour is the most popular beer tour in the world), home to the illuminated Book of Kell, plus home to a thriving nightlife that attracts college students from all parts of the world.


Montreal abstract art print, popular college travel destination recommended by BroBible

Montreal Trio – Buy Art Print

Don’t let its Canadian location and cold weather fool you. People have compared Montreal with Las Vegas and highlighted many similarities: great restaurants, crazy nightlife and casino play.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas the strip fireworks, popular college travel destination

Las Vegas Fireworks – Buy Photo Poster

Besides an abundance of night clubs, pool parties and casinos, the “city of sin” boasts some of the world’s most distinct hotel designs and entertainment shows. There’s also outdoor enjoyment at Red Rock Canyon—approximately 30 minutes west. Travel hostels help make this Nevada destination an affordable visit.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre coastline photo poster by George Oze, popular college travel destination

Manarola After Storm Light – Buy Photo Print

Cinque Terre is an amalgamation of five villages. Travelers flock to this old-fashion charming area to experience sweeping views of the Mediterranean, hike beautiful mountainous areas and enjoy delicious food.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach graphic image art print, popular college travel destination

Waikiki Beach – Buy Art Print

Waikiki Beach is a destination favorite for school students traveling to Hawaii because of its relaxing atmosphere, high surf waves and views of tropical paradise.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini white buildings along greek coastline, popular college travel destination

Amazing Santorini – Buy Photo Poster

Santorini is a popular Greek destination for young travelers. Relaxing coastlines, delicious foods (cheese, olives, wine) plus the sights of white-washed towns make it an attractive location for students.

Venice, Italy

Venetian sunset cloudy skies evening, popular college travel destination

Venetian Sunset – Buy Art Print

Most of the city travels via gondolas along the river streets. This fact alone makes it a popular European location for college students.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali Travel landscape, tropical beach with blue water, summer sky, popular college travel destination

Beach With Blue Water – Buy Photo Poster

Bali offers a lot to young travelers: lush rice terraces, paradise views, unique archaeological attractions and sandy beaches. But the main attraction is surfing, followed by diving.

Barcelona, Spain

Famous Summer Park Guell, bright blue sky, barcelona, popular college travel destination

Famous Summer Park Guell – Buy Poster

Barcelona is famous among college students as a party destination. There’s more to this locale than fiestas: art, food, old-world and modern architecture, and the laidback attitude of locals.

San Francisco

San Francisco scenery art print, popular college travel destination

San Francisco Scene – Buy Art Poster

Boring doesn’t exist in this city! From the edge of Golden Gate Park and the top of Twin Peaks to the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s plenty to see and do in this small metropolis. And greet “Karl the Fog” whenever you see him floating by.


Brooklyn Bridge New York Night bridge lights reflecting, popular college travel destination

Brooklyn Bridge Night – Buy Photo Poster

San Francisco times 2! New York, especially Manhattan, is the “center of the world.” Numerous museums, plenty of great restaurants, intricate subway system and activities galore.

Koh Lipe, Thailand

Beach Chairs and Boats at Koh Lipe beach coastline - Buy Photo Poster

Beach Chairs & Boats at Koh Lipe – Buy Photo Poster

Pink skies, clear light-blue water, white-sand beaches, tropical weather and elephant rides await you in this Southeast Asian travel destination for college-age travelers.

Supai, Arizona

Supai Havasupai Beaver Falls Supai Creek, popular college travel destination

Supai Creek Beaver Falls – Buy Photo Print

This Grand Canyon desert oasis features a hidden paradise. Beautiful river streams and impressive waterfalls, plus the ability to swim in them, make this an attractive travel location for college students across the United States and the world. It’s a prime location for the local ASU Outdoor Club.


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