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7 Poster Decor Tips to Help You Impress New People!

There’s plenty of online articles suggesting which posters and artwork you should hang on your dorm walls, but oftentimes the suggestions are the same. You might want something different. The wall art you hang in your space should express your taste, interests and personality. Think of wall posters, and other art items, as extensions of yourself.

Make an impact with people in your new budding social circle. Use the poster decor tips below to help you decide what type of artwork you want on your wall if you’re seeking to create a positive sway with people.

College dorm room photo image room shot with wall art and wall posters of music, motivation, jazz singer, humor, alcohol vintage tin sign, student desk, chair, backpack and cactus plant

  1. Show the world your positivity! Because everyone loves an upbeat individual. Inspirational posters will highlight that aspect of you. (Shown: “Greet Each Day“)
  2. Choose a poster combining beautiful art and a subject of interest. Your space will feel more attractive and exciting. Plus it highlights your open-minded philosophy. (Shown: “Jimi Hendrix – Psychedelic“)
  3. Showcase your knowledge of music! Feature a legendary singer or band. Be bold and choose a print or poster that most college students won’t think of exhibiting. People will appreciate your interest in music variety. (Shown: “Billie Holiday Pop Art Print“)
  4. Represent your curiosity about the world. Display travel posters in your space. The college crowd LOVES people who are enthusiastic about traveling to other cities. And partying there too! (Shown: “London Red Phonebox“)
  5. Subtle humor is the best humor! Combine motivation and wit with posters that feature simple phrases and sophisticated lettering. It will improve the appearance of your space and leave a good impression with others. (Shown: “Smile Retro Camera“)
  6. Create a dauntless and adventurous belief about yourself! Hang vintage tin signs on your wall. Who knows which thrillful activities the college crowd will invite you to. (Shown: “Bar Rules“)
  7. Display a favorite moment from your life. Hang a customized photo poster that’s personal and shows emotion. It should serve as a conversation starter that enables people to inquire about yourself and an opportunity for you to impress them. (Shown: Customized Poster Using MYPHOTOS service)


It’s fine if your preference differs from this list. A sports or movie poster, for example, presents a great opportunity to express your pop culture interests. Hopefully it’s a wall art that inspires people to inquire more about yourself and engage in conversations about various subject matters. That is one of the purposes of college, right?